Create a video or a stream where you kill the Glory Thief in Die for Valhalla! to get keys to give away to your audience.

How to enter

  1. Get a content creator exclusive game key either by:
    1. Sending us a link to your channel at
    2. Tweeting us here: @monstercouch
  2. Release a video or make a stream of Die for Valhalla! during our launch month (May 29 - June 29, 2018)
  3. Get Die for Valhalla! Steam keys to give away to your audience.
We would appreciate if you linked to Die for Valhalla! in the description of your video or on the channel.


Receive Steam keys of Die for Valhalla! to give away to your audience.
Number of keys to give away to your audience
Make a video or stream2
The video or stream shows
that you have killed the Glory Thief

If you make a video that shows you killing the Glory Thief you will get 4 keys to give away.
If you make a video but don’t kill the Glory Thief you will get 2 keys.

Rules & Requirements

The basic requirement is that you are an active content creator. We will take reasonable care to avoid giving out the demo to scammers and trolls and we will make our best to promote your genuine effort.

To encourage you to share your content with your audience we require the that the video gets at least 500 views on YouTube or your live stream has at least 30 viewers to become eligible for the give-away keys.

Only videos and streams released during our launch month will be eligible for the keys. Do not post videos or stream the game before May 29, 2018.

What is Die for Valhalla!

Die for Valhalla! is a beat ‘em up with a twist. You are a Valkyrie, a ghost-like witch, sent to help Vikings save their world.

As a Valkyrie you can take control of Vikings and other creatures to give you an upper hand in your battles.

Let us help

  • Let us know about the time of the stream and we’ll try to pop-in to hang out and answer questions.
  • Invite us to your Discord community and we'll do our best to drop by for a chat.

Our first title: Die for Valhalla! launches on May 29 but this is just the beginning of our journey. We are very excited to develop good relations with content creators who would like to work with us and spread the word. We think this can be a win-win for everyone!

Also, as Monster Couch is a part of the bigger indie collective, Pyramida Hub, we have ways of helping content creators who wish for further opportunities to stream, make videos, and gain access to other games in our network.

Let's grow together!


What do I need to do to find the Glory Thief?
Glory Thief appears for the first time in one of the burned down levels in the Village and then will show up every few levels. You don't have to get him on the first try.

Can I get some practice before May 29?
Of course you can. Just remember to post videos / stream after Die for Valhalla! is released (on May 29). Only then it will count towards the Challenge.

Is the game finished?
We are still tweaking the balance and we would love to keep adding content even after the launch if the game does well enough to support us :)